Battery powered bluetooth speaker for beach wedding in Crete Greece

Updated: 7 days ago

Are you getting married in Crete Greece and need to rent a batterry powered blue tooth mobile speaker for a beach wedding ceremony ?

We have the right solution for you, with a battery powered mobile speaker for rent.

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  • portable PA system speaker offers a variety of user-friendly features and input options that allow it to work with a wide range of devices. This battery powered PA system is excellent for medium-sized venues and can be operated while connected to mains power.

  • Since it features Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair a smart device with this portable PA speaker and stream audio wirelessly. You can stream audio from any app or website after pairing your smartphone or tablet, making it highly useful for a variety of purposes.

  • This portable PA system includes a wireless handheld UHF microphone, allowing you to talk or sing through the speaker without using any cables. An echo effect is built-in that can be adjusted to a particular intensity to give your voice a fuller sound.

  • For a unique party effect, a jelly ball light is incorporated into the top of this speaker, which projects multi-coloured patterns onto surrounding surfaces. Additionally, LEDs surround the woofer driver, and all of the built-in can be turned on or off.

  • There is an RCA line input on the back of the speaker for connecting devices that do not support Bluetooth, such as a CD player or some laptops. With a guitar connection, this portable PA speaker is ideal for busking and small-venue performances.

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