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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HIRE A D.J. IN GREECE ? What is the average dj cost for wedding in Greece ?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Sounddesign DJ | Hire DJ in Greece
Sounddesign - Hire DJ in Greece

You 've just picked a wonderful venue on Greek islands like Santorini,Mykonos,Crete,Paros, or in mainland Greece, and you have also selected the best wedding planner organizing your event in Greece, but how about the right D.J. to manage your special wedding reception and your guests with modern and elegant music entertainment ?

Will you risk the entire success of your event by choosing a hobbist d.j. only with cost basis? Sounddesign keeps you, safe with professional dj services in Greece.

So let's find out, why a specialist d.j in Greece is "must" for your wedding event, and how secure is your selection for the event.

Here are some related questions :

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost in Greece? And why?

“How much is the average dj cost for wedding in Greece ?” or “How much should I expect to pay a wedding DJ for wedding reception” in Greece?

Does any d.j. make you feel safe during your event date ?

Here are some answers, in above critical questions, and our company SOUNDDESIGN, will try to explain many factors, that you couldn't ever imagine, which are important, when you are looking for D.J. of your event in Greece. The bad part about this, is the answers are all a bunch of misinformation that can do nothing but lead a bride asking the question in the wrong direction. So we are going to try our best to answer the questions here. First of all, you have to think, that when you select a d.j. for your Event, you select the man who is going to manage the music senses of your guests during the event. This is critical point, if you like to have really an unforgettable party experience. Many clients pay attention to latest technology lighting and sound systems, and they probably think, that this is the thing will keep guests alive on a wedding party. This is the biggest mistake that someone could make.

Why? Because impressive lights and hundreds of lighted buttons, can’t make the difference, and can’t read your guests music preferences. Machines can’t do that !!

Selecting a professional d.j entertainer who manages with expert way your audience could launch the wedding party to another dimension !!!

An important tip : Avoid to select a hobbyist DJ, who could really mess your Event entertainment. Select a professional DJ from companies with hundreds of events in their portfolio.

So let’s get an overview of the d.j prices in Greece. Average cost of hiring a DJ in Greece: The average cost for wedding DJ in Greece can vary depending on what kind of quality you want, and state you’re getting married in. We are sure , you have heard the horror stories about the tacky DJ or the DJs that could destroy completely your wedding party, if they are beginners, and not professionals. Generally, here is a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for certain kinds of hiring DJs in Greece. Low cost d.j. : €, Typically a beginning DJ, most likely a part-time hobbyist. A bit more than beginner d.j.: More experience than the beginners, but most likely a part-time DJ. They are djing just for second job, to get some extra money. Professional D.J. : According to quality sound and lighting equipments they provide. Most experienced, professionally trained, full-time DJ, with knowledge, on how to manage your quests on a wedding event for example. These are artists that can manage with expert way your quest’s music senses and preferences during the wedding party, considering the age of your quests, the music culture, and the country origin of them.

Djing is not a simple thing, like you maybe imagine. There is a huge responsibility on this profession when a DJ is responsible for a wedding party. If a hobbyist DJ can mess the wedding party, then it is like you blow up in the air all your expenses you did for your wedding reception. Of Course the above cost, is also depending from client's demands. Now you should base your budget on what kind of experience you want at your wedding reception. Low cost range DJs are more prone to making mistakes because they don’t have time to prepare for your wedding. After all, most probably have another full-time job, so they can focus less on the success of your wedding! If this is your budget, you might find a gem in this group, but you run the risk of having a DJ who is not well-prepared or just “shoots from the hip”.

Professional D.J.s : These DJ’s are making this kind of money for a reason with professionalism. It is typically because they are well trained, with music education, huge knowledge how to manage the quests, experienced professionals that do it for a living and commit all of their time to making sure the weddings they do, are as close to perfect as they can be. They do not have another job getting in the way of them, making sure everything is perfect. They also pay government taxes and are legal instead of beginners djs, and others who are Illegal djs, and can risk your wedding event to government fine. Professional d.j also can sign a contract with you, making you, feel safe for your event. They also typically spend anywhere weeks of time making sure your wedding reception will be perfect.

They can also provide the latest dj equipment rental in Greece, This kind of preparation shows through in their accessibility to help you with questions, coordination, and suggestions to help drive the success of your wedding. Another critical point and advantage when you select a professional DJ company for your event is the consistency of timing that is important when you organize a special event. Will your DJ, be on time for sound and light set up the date of your event ? Professional companies they do. With hobbists and beginners djs, you pray to god if you are lucky enough. Don’t let go your important event date in the hands of luck !!! There are some of the poor quality DJ’s charging more. You won’t find too many great ones charging less though. Think about it, if they can get a higher price, don’t you think they would charge it? So it’s up to you to interview the companies that are appealing to you and ask the right questions to ensure, you are getting a wedding DJ that can deliver the experience you want, and transform a really wedding party atmosphere, as you have imagined, a party that you and your quests will never forget.

Isn’t it a pity, that you may have spent hundreds of dollars or euros paid the right attention to organize your wedding needs like, finding the venue, decorations, catering services, finding wedding planner, and all the others, and finally to find out the date of your event, that you didn’t make the right selection for your wedding d.j. ?

The day of your wedding event , remember, you will not have another chance to change your wrong DJ selection. Also keep in mind, that there are some wedding planners who are trying to convince the potential clients , to hire their d.j. because they earn commission of it, and not just because the d.j is really worth it, as a professional.

A trust worthy DJ company, can prove their amazing work from past events with several tools like a professional website, live videos, photos, customer reviews, and of course how they are able to manage the audience. Experienced and professional DJ company has already in its bio portfolio several past events to show up, managing with DJ service , multicultural events, with guests from all over the world, knowing their music culture according their age, and country origin .

In our website Is presented video work shows from past client” s events , how we manage live the reaction of the audience - quests who are participating on the dancefloor, in real time.

No matter if you are looking for dj in santorini, dj in mykonos, dj in paros, or other greek islands, our video clips are presenting highlight moments of every event we manage, showing up how we are creating unique unforgettable moments for a floorfiller party. Every event is a different story about the music playlist that our DJ team follows, and don’t forget that music playlists also can be customized by the client - host of every event according to his music preferences too.

There are a lot of people that call themselves as d.j. because they got a laptop p.c. full of music, but only very few of them, they have the music knowledge, experience, and of course the most important, the ability to manage with expert way your guests - crowd music preferences during a wedding event for example, managing a wide range of cultures , ready to face any music challenge on various events.

So be careful, of what you have dream about your wedding party.

If the d.j. is not doing this job as professional, he might destroy completely your wedding event. Selecting a Professional d.j. can ensure the safety, you would like to feel during your event, avoiding many issues that can come up.

Is it worthy, to make discount at the most important budget, selecting the d.j of your wedding event, only with the criteria of paying as less as it can be ?

Our suggestion to you all, is to select your DJ entertainer with the same attention, you have chosen for all the others things of your wedding Event!

So , If you find our above tips important and if the music of your Event , matters to you and your guests , then we remain on your disposal to create a unique music atmosphere for your future Events in Greece.


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