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Destination Wedding DJ Greece

Elevate Your Wedding Reception with Wedding DJ Greece

Wedding DJ Hire in Crete
Your Melodic Celebration Awaits


Destination Wedding DJ Greece

We specialize in creating unforgettable musical experiences for couples who choose the enchanting landscapes of Greece as their wedding backdrop.

As the sun dips into the horizon, our DJs curate playlists that match the golden hues. Dance barefoot on the sand or twirl in a vineyard

the choice is yours.


Tailored Soundtracks

Your wedding is a symphony of emotions. Whether you’re exchanging vows on a cliffside terrace or dancing under the stars by the Aegean Sea, our DJs craft personalized playlists. We blend international hits, traditional Greek melodies, and your favorite tunes seamlessly.


Seamless Transitions

We blend genres seamlessly—from the emotional ceremony to the lively reception. Our DJs read the crowd, ensuring the dance floor stays alive.

Crystal-clear audio, wireless microphones, and ambient lighting—we create an immersive experience. Let the music embrace you.

we compose the perfect soundtrack for your celebration


Need to find a dj in Greece for events?

We don’t just play music; we compose memories. Your event deserves a soundtrack as timeless as the Aegean waves. Let’s make your destination wedding an unforgettable symphony.

  • Audience music management

  • Supporting events in any area

  • International music playlists

  • Original song performance

  • On-demand playlists

  • Flexible on mixes

  • Event D.J.s  specialists

  • Event music planning

  • Consultation of clients

  • Sound and lighting set up

wedding dj in Crete | Sounddesign

Every event is a unique human story, and we focus to tranform it, as one of the happiest part of your life.


Are you looking to find DJ for hire in Greece?

We would be glad to be part of your event story. Our  d.j.s team is looking forward to celebrate with you.

Planning a wedding on Greek islands,  or a gala conference in mainland? Then sounddesign is your music selection.


Planning your wedding event in Greek islands such as Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Sifnos, or other islands of Greece? Looking for wedding d.j. rental or music band for your wedding reception party?

Then our Sounddesign-inspired D.J. Team especially for weddings is available to create your unique wedding party myth in Greece.

  • 1. How far in advance should a couple book their DJ?
    Planning a wedding is all about having a system complete with checklists of items that you need to do before your big day. The most popular venues, photographers, and wedding DJs will all book up faster than some of the less popular companies and options. We always refer to these as “the big three”. Once you book these three wedding vendors, the rest can more easily fall into place as time goes on. A popular, reputable DJ company will book between 12 and 18 months in advance, but it’s not uncommon for the months of May/June/September/October to start booking 24 months in advance, otherwise if you don't book earlier your wedding pro dj, you risk to find someone amatuer dj by luck last minute, and then you will need for sure a good luck, not to destroy your wedding party.
  • 2. How far in advance of the event should the DJ arrive at the event?
    Three to two hours in advance is the most common time frame a wedding DJ would arrive before the first guests arrive. That way there is plenty of time to set up, change into professional attire, and review all of our notes one last time before the celebration kicks off!
  • 3. Do you just offer dj services in Greece only?
    We can provide our dj rental services abroad too, but this means for the client, that has to arrange some important tasks like sound and lighting equipment rentals that we require to go live. Also travel tickets and accommodation expenses are subject to client's part, and ofcourse we can deal further details .
  • 4. Can i cancel my booking?
    Client can cancel the booking prior to 9 months , full refundable. After that period deposits and any other payments are not refundable.
  • 5. What’s your payment plan?
    Our payment plan is when we sign a digital contract with the client, a deposit of 50% of total dj package service, must paid in advance to confirm your booking and your event date. Final payment is due the day of the event, prior to the start of the event preferably, according to our deal.
  • 6. Can i request to play my playlist?
    Yes, we are flexible to provide us your music playlist, if you wish so.
  • 7. Which special events you can provide your dj rental service?
    Weddings and honeymoons in Greece, and its islands Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Paros, Sifnos, Naxos, Corporate events Grand openings Cocktail Gala Private Anniversaries V.I.P parties Birthday parties Book Appointment Today!
  • 8. Do you bring, back up equipment, in case anything happens?
    Yes, we certainly do. All of our DJs are very experienced and know how to handle a situation where they may need to make adjustments, if equipment isn’t working correctly. We always check-in , and we are ready to replace equipment if problems arise at any time during the event.
  • 9. Why we should hire you?
    Our dj services presented live on our past events through youtube video that running on our website showing how the guests interact with dj and his music on the dancefloor proving our reputation.
  • 10. Do you provide a contract?
    Yes, all the terms and conditions will be clearly stated with your start & end time, type of setup, payment schedule etc.
  • 11. Do you provide all the necessary sound and lighting equipments for the event?
    Yes, we provide all the required equipments and all wire connections for the set up procedure. Sounddesign can also provide audio visual rentals in Crete, mykonos, santorini, chania, heraklion areas.
  • 12. Do you provide also other entertainment services like music band hire in Greece?
    Yes, we collaborate with local music bands in Greece, from traditional greek bands for hire, to latest pop cover music bands. We provide also saxophone players in Greece, and islands of Crete, mykonos, santorini.
  • 13. Are your dj rental services available in Crete, Mykonos or Santorini islands?
    Sure, we can support those islands too.
  • 14. Are you experienced on Ethnic weddings like Arabic weddings, or Indian weddings in Greece?
    Yes, our wedding portfolio, includes several past weddings from arabic and indian couples.
  • 15. Do you support also fairy string lights decoration for weddings?
    Yes, we do.
  • 16. Is it your dj hire service available for private V.I.P. parties and events in Greece?
    Yes, it is. Are you looking for wedding dj, or a private V.I.P. party in a greek island like santorini, mykonos, or Crete ? We can provide the right entertainer for your event in Greece.
  • 17. What other services can you provide except dj service? Do you provide also music bands for hire ?
    We provide also greek music bands for hire with a variety of music genres, from pop hits to classic disco and solo saxophonist too.
  • 18. I need to find a wedding venue in Crete and some other party rentals. Do you also can help or do you also collaborate with wedding vendors in Greece?
    Sure, we collaborate with wedding vendors and venues , suggesting wedding venues if you are a wedding planner and we are also providing extra party and wedding rentals like chairs , tables, lounge sofas and cushions, mobile illuminated bars , stools, tents and fairy string lights.
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